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Ever Thought About Writing A Book?
Books are highly effective communication tools that can help you EXPLODE your business by...
  • Telling your story
  •  Sharing powerful lessons that connect with your audience
  •  Positioning you as an authority
That’s why if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner

...writing a book is one of the BEST things you could possibly do for your business!

The only problem is that writing a book takes FOREVER...right?


Let me explain...
There’s A Way To Write A Book That Sells Without Spending 
Countless Hours Slaving Away At The Keyboard!
At Write Business Results, we help entrepreneurs and business owners write incredibly powerful business books WITHOUT spending countless hours slaving away at the keyboard…

We call it our Book Creation Process…

...and it’s a way for YOU to become the proud author of a book you LOVE with minimal pull on your time and NO writing!

That’s right…

You can “write” a book that SELLS without having to sink hours and hours of your time into it!

Exciting, isn’t it? 

Have a look and see what our clients say about it…
Meet Your Trainer...
Georgia Kirke is an entrepreneur, author and speaker based in the UK, with a passion for helping successful business leaders communicate their ‘why’ and connect with others by sharing their values, personality, creativity and unique capabilities. As Founder and Director of Write Business Results Ltd, a revolutionary business book company created specifically for entrepreneurs, accelerating unique individuals’ journey to the next level is at the heart of what Georgia does.

Established in 2015, Write Business Results works with busy, growth-focussed entrepreneurs to become published authors in order to grow their business, become the industry expert and own the space they’re in.

Using Georgia’s own uniquely developed Book Creation Process, formed from her knowledge of writing techniques and formats, academic training and experience of the requirements for simplification, focus and value creation for busy entrepreneurs, Write Business Results turns business owners into established experts, whatever your industry, location or message.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur herself, Georgia gained commercial experience working with large multinationals as well as small entrepreneurial businesses. More recently, she spent 3 years with internationally acclaimed business coaching company Strategic Coach® as their UK Business Development Manager and UK Program Advisor, supporting around 100 business owners implement the Strategic Coach® tools and methodologies into their teams and businesses.

She now focuses on helping others to tap into their own form of creativity and potential, and turn that into a life that makes them happy. 

The Entrepreneur's Guide To Book Marketing Success: Grow Your Business, Become The Expert & Own The Space You’re In is available to buy on and 
See What Our Customers Say...
“Working with Georgia made my book ‘blueprint’ a reality. She is great to work with. She edited and added and put my thoughts down into a book that really feels my own. 

It’s a big WOW looking at the finished article. If you are thinking of writing a book I have no hesitation in recommending Georgia.” 
Mark Bradley
Partner at True Potential LLP
Author, A Business Owner’s Guide: Create Your Future With The Three Common Sense Principles
“It is a bit early to say, but so far the book has generated us 21 referrals in 3 months, of which 6 have already had or are booked in to have initial meetings. 

So I’d say that’s a pretty good start as we know that even if none others booked, and no other referrals arrives, which I expect them to, we are likely to generate around £50,000 of fees this year from these 6.” 
Charlie Reading
Efficient Portfolio 
Author, My Dream Retirement
“What I enjoy most about working with Georgia is her use of tools to assist in outlining the book. This gave my ideas shape and structure and helped me get clear on what I wanted from the book. Georgia always links back to the ‘call to action’ in the last chapter, so that the book itself focuses on value, but is ultimately linked to your product or service so that readers can follow up and/or buy. Finally, Georgia is aware that stories are important. She knows how to write sticky stories, which really help readers connect.” 
Isard Haasakker
Founder of No Tie Generation
Author, Make F.I.T. Your Purpose
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 grow your business
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